RailsConf Keynote: Martin Fowler

We’ll start Martin Fowler’s RailsConf 2006 keynote off with a little humor during a conference giveaway. Yung Yan, Douglas, Jeremy, Zach, Walker? Where were you? You missed out on the free swag.

Martin Fowler is Chief Scientist at ThoughtWorks, and, in his own words:

I’m an author, speaker, consultant and general loud-mouth on software development. I concentrate on designing enterprise software – looking at what makes a good design and what practices are needed to come up with good design. I’ve pioneered object-oriented technology, refactoring, patterns, agile methodologies, domain modeling, the Unified Modeling Language (UML), and Extreme Programming.

You can learn more about him from his site.

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  1. Martin Fowler is a cool and open speecher. He’s really a design guru you can trust. Hear his rails outsider statements cause they give you a wider scope!

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