9 thoughts on “Israel Lobby Press Conference”

  1. Thanks so much for making this all possible. This debate is missing from all aspects of American media and their outlets. It is a shame though, that most Americans are not attentive to the politics of the world except when the United States becomes involved in a armed conflict abroad that impacts the American Psyche.

  2. In a fair debate the opposing parties should have close to equal representation and the moderator must be neutral.
    Theses fundamental rules were not upheld, nor was time devoted to the one side anywhere near equal to the time granted to the other.

  3. Having just returned from a fact finding tour of Israel and Palestine, I am so grateful for this debate and that it was offered in video rather than just in print where we could experience the passion of their positions. Yet I am deeply saddened by the lack of American media present. God bless the Internet, the London Review of Books, Scribe Media, the moderator and all the participants. This is critical now. Maintaining the present status quo might result in two generations lost to the pain and conflict and the eventually implosion of the State of Israel.

  4. Yes, ScribeMedia, thanks for posting this debate, and PLEASE keep it up. It is slowly but surely making its way around the country (and the world). This is a problem which has begged to be addressed for decades – the knee-jerk obsequiousness of the American media and, more importantly, the public, in regard to United States’ incestuous relationship with Israel. And the pernicious consequence of such a relationship. Finally, maybe it is beginning to be recognized by the general public and will soon no longer be tolerated.

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