Esther Dyson on Healthcare Venture Capital

With the Consumer Directed Health Care Conference (CDHCC), the National Health, Wellness, Prevention & Fitness Congress (NHWPC), The Consumer and Patient Enabling Technologies Conference (TCAPET), The Consumer Direct Access to Healthcare and Retailization Congress (CDAHRC), The Marketing to the New Health Care Consumer Conference (MTNHCC), and the Boomers Business Conference (BOOMERS) all descending on Washington DC for the next week, I thought it would be interesting to share some past presentations and panel discussions from the people shaping the future of the US healthcare landscape.

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First up, Esther Dyson…

Esther Dyson addresses health care start-ups on the topic of raising money. Esther talks from the venture capitalist’s perspective on what the money people are looking for.

Investors are looking for something clear and focused. There is way too much opportunity in the health care space, so it is important for start-ups to stay focused on a small problem and do it extremely well, instead of being tempted to do everything. Otherwise, you will diminish your ability to do any one thing well.

Follow the demographics. Most of money spent on health care comes from people who are either very sick or very old. Go after specific conditions, specific populations, or specific times of life. You are selling to consumers. It is importantto understand how to market to people and excite them. Consumers have other things in their lives besides health care.

What is your goal as a company? To be acquired, to do an IPO?? Have an understanding of what your value add is and to whom you are valuable before you go out to a VC. They don’t care what exit strategy you have, as long as there is an opportunity to exit.