Craig Newmark: Web 2.0 and People’s Globalism

Media Threat or Robin Hood of the new millennium? take your pick. But one thing is for sure: his spirit of people’s interaction and extremely modest capitalism is a powerful and arguably unprecedented force in the media world. Craigslist still has the power to confound old line-media moguls and possibly change the face of “glo-calism” – local reach spread globally.

This is our New Year’s welcome to the iBreakfast 2.0 series, our forthcoming publication, The Big Idea Journal, and the multicity opening of iBreakfast along with our upcoming Web 2.0 NY Summit.

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2 thoughts on “Craig Newmark: Web 2.0 and People’s Globalism”

  1. Hi! (to whoever is doing this)

    Just a couple of points:

    “Better than any non-profit handouts” (could have stayed a non-profit and have done the same things much better by using the profits to advance the mission instead of pocketing them).

    “extremely modest capitalism” (wouldn’t be so sure about that… – how do we know much they profit if they refuse to disclose their profits? – and the long term business model that they claim not to have… appears to be *quite* capitalistic…).

    Good luck with everything and take care!


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