Reclaiming Design

Video: Tejo Remy of droog fame, along with NY designers Carlos Salgado and Matt Gagnon, and Dwell Editor in Chief Sam Grawe, take a critical look at design processes and the application and implications of reclaimed materials. Moderated and presented by Jill Fehrenbacher and Emily Pilloton of

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There are two videos in this player. The first is one hour long and includes all the deep thinking from the session.

The second is edited down to 10 minutes. To access it, select the “Browse Video List” button. A menu will appear where you can select the “short” version.

A few weeks ago, Inhabitat put together an event about recycling and reuse in design, called Reclaiming Design. This event at HauteGREEN in New York was a big success, thanks to the thought-provoking design and insightful discussion from Dwell Editor-in-Chief Sam Grawe and designers Carlos Salgado of Scrapile, Tejo Remy of Droog fame, and Matt Gagnon. The conversation touched on a variety of issues surrounding the concepts and processes behind using reclaimed materials in different scales of design, and its implications for both environmental sustainability as well as more conceptual and cultural themes.

Moderated and presented by Jill Fehrenbacher and Emily Pilloton of

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  1. I applaud the sentiment, but these moderated discussions don’t make for great video content.

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