ScribeMedia becomes breaking news

all the trivial news we broke today…and more.

scribemedia_minOnline…to somebody at least.

while i drink wine and patiently wait for brightcove to become operational again so i can watch a video jason just uploaded, i’m keeping myself busy reading, playing with the new Sony EX1 XDCam and the wide angle lens AbelCine Tech gave us, waiting for the Celtics game to start, smelling a dry erase marker and generally procrastinating in a bemused cow kind of way.

Matthew let me know that we made “breaking news” status on minonline. And Dorian pointed out that Steve Weitzner said on our From Print to Digital show this morning that he’s changing the name of Ziff Davis Enterprise to something that doesn’t sound like Ziff Davis Media…which happens to be in bankruptcy at the moment.

we also decided today that when garry finishes building out our flex storefront that we’ll create our own line of kombucha called ScribeBucha and sell it right off the site.

kombucha pancake fried in sesame oil:


never eat kombucha like this. i thought i was going to throw up after one bite. what looks like a pancake doesn’t necessarily taste like a pancake, especially when the main ingredient is a fungus that eats tea leaves and sugar in dark cool places.

that’s enough news breaking for one day.

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