Carnivalesque Dreams of Os Gemeos

Os Gemeos — the Brazilian twins and renowned street artists — bring their fantastically surreal visions to New York’s Deitch Projects.


Brazil is famed for carrying a sense of the carnivalesque in everyday life. You can smell and taste it even if the festivities are a long way away.

The work of Os Gemeos (“The Twins”) reflects this celebration as they offer audiences a vibrant taste of everyday life portrayed through a fantastic caste of characters, real and imagined.

Largely self-taught, the brothers started out by tagging the streets with the name “Os Gemeos” in their distinctive style. Later, they started to weave surreal narratives of Brazilian subconsciousness into their graffiti.

About this Video

We filmed this interview using the Panasonic AG-HSC1 high definition camera.

Over the years their street painting reached such high levels that officials invited them to paint Brazilian trains.

Now, they’re equally at home on the street and in museum and galleries. While still tagging Os Gemeos, their work has been recognized by the Tate Modern in London, MAM in Sao Paulo, Museum Het Domein in The Netherlands and Deitch Projects in New York.

This summer Deitch Projects is showing the largest gallery exhibition of Os Gemeos to date. Called Too Far Too Close, the show fills the gallery with the dreams and fantasies of Brazil: street kids, family portraits with mermaids, bathing girls, street musicians, favelas, flying animals, clowns and the reoccurring theme of twinship.

The show invites viewers to visit the childhood of the Pandolfo brothers as well as revisit their own.

Too Far Too Close runs at Deitch Projects
from June 28 to August 09, 2008
18 Wooster Street, New York
Open to the public Tuesday through Saturday from 12PM to 6PM


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  1. The interview is great. I’m trying to get into that whole interviewing artists thing setup using my makeshift video studio (my digital camera and my computer).

  2. i want more of the soundtrack to this video. I can’t find this particular mix on Michael Cervieri site…. any help would be nice. Os Gemeos is phenomenal!

  3. thanks for your kind words about the music.

    it’s not quite a song though.

    instead, i was playing in our studio with a guitar friend of mine and this is what i was putting together on the fly using a music program called Reason.

    one of these days though we’ll put together downloads of the different tracks we’re creating. the plan would be to release it under a creative commons license.

    in the meantime, we launched that’s where our arts and culture pieces will be in the future.

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