The Power of Online Storytelling

A Conversation Among Innovative Writers and Industry Professionals Working Today on the Web.

The web today is more than a repository for old t.v. shows, films, and user-generated content. Today’s new media professionals are developing original properties that are part of a new narrative structure for viewers: whether through transmedia storytelling – across multiple platforms – or through online “serials” that hone a dedicated web audience.

However, the story is integrated with the medium, the online storytelling trend is being shaped by a wide range of players, and many of the industry’s leading practitioners call New York City home. This panel, presented with the Screenwriters Colony and The New School, will look at where the original web creation and distribution market is headed.

Mary Feuer, writer ‘LonelyGirl15,’ ‘With the Angels’
Jeff Gomez, Starlight Runner, James Cameron’s ‘Avatar,’ Microsoft’s ‘Halo’
Kathleen Grace & Thom Woodley, writers, ‘The Burg,’ ‘The All-For-Nots’
Amy B. Harris, writer/producer, ‘Sex and the City,’ ‘Puppy Love’
Dina Kaplan, co-founder,

Moderator Virginia Heffernan, columnist (‘The Medium’), The New York Times