Haiti Before the Earthquake

Three young filmakers spent five weeks in Haiti making a documentary. The result: a somber, joyous trip from Port Au Prince through to the countryside. Now more poignant than ever.

Before an earthquake brought Haiti to international consciousness, Justin Brandon, Brian McElroy and Dan Schnorr traveled the impoverished nation for five weeks and made Road to Fondwa.

Partners in Health Stand with Haiti

The 37 minute documentary above brings us from Port Au Prince to the rural hillsides, and explores the difficulties communities face — pre-earthquake — just to survive. No story can be complete, and the situation in Haiti has been, unfortunately, forever complex.

As Schnorr acknowledges in his director’s statement:

Though film offers a powerful medium through which to begin exploring rural Haiti, no collection of clips could ever do full justice to the intricate obstacles faced by the people living there, or to the exciting measures being undertaken in villages like Fondwa to overcome them.

Acknowledging this, we intend for The Road to Fondwa to serve not as a conclusion, but rather as an introduction.

At this point in time, the introduction is the need for resources, advocacy and continued helping hands.

Earlier today, Brandon, a Google alum, wrote to his former colleagues that he would stream the entire film and dedicate his time now to raising funds for relief efforts. The film’s site links to Partners in Health’s Stand with Haiti Campaign. We will too.

In our ADD age, we only hope that our very human reflex to help build, rebuild and continually improve Haiti doesn’t fade when the next shiny object passes our media screens. That one of the world’s poorest nations lies just off our coast is a continued embarrassment.

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