Muslim New Media Producers

Muslim producers in the U.S. and abroad are addressing the narratives of Muslim audiences through multiple media outlets.

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The Muslim world has been one of the fastest-growing markets for Internet and mobile services and Muslim producers have delivered cross-platform storytelling in the western world successfully for several years, despite political and cultural backlash.

The new generation that is expressing its collective voice loudly in the Middle East during the ‘Arab Spring’ through social media networks is only a part of the diverse, nearly 1.6 billion-strong worldwide Muslim community. Learn how Muslim producers in the U.S. and abroad are addressing the narratives of Muslim audiences through multiple media outlets.

Speakers include

Tariq Khan, COO, Muxlim (the largest global online Muslim community)

Muxlim ( is the first major effort to create a broad online community for the global Muslim audience. The social network combines interactive video, audio, blogs, polls and images, and is focused on the Muslim lifestyle as part of a diverse, all-inclusive world which recognizes and welcomes people of all faiths and backgrounds who want to share, learn and have fun.

Mahdis Keshavarz, founder, The Make Agency

As social media producer, journalist, and human rights advocate, Mahdis Keshavarz has worked to deliver stories for Middle Eastern audiences, both domestically and internationally, working with international dignitaries, Hollywood stars and numerous film festivals and events. An accomplished advocate of human rights and social justice issues, Keshavarz has written for the online magazine Slate and has appeared as a commentator on BBC and Democracy Now!. She serves on the advisory board for the Arab and Middle Eastern Journalists Association, the Center for Social Inclusion, and the Alston Bannerman Fellowship Program.

Dana Offenbach, producer, ‘Mooz-lum’

Dana produced the film ‘Mooz-lum’ – starring Danny Glover, Nia Long, and Evan Ross – which looks at a young Muslim’s coming-of-age and conflicts between his strict upbringing and the social life he’s never had. The film’s new media marketing, which included a broad social media community, demonstrates how producers can overcome zenophobia and cultural ignorance by building online and mobile audiences. Her work with director Qasim Basir resulted in an independent distribution deal, in a groundbreaking partnership with AMC Theatres. She recently opened her own production company, CinemaStreet.

Mahyad Tousi, co-founder and CEO, BoomGen Studios

Having grown up in Iran during the Iranian Revolution and the succeeding war, Mahyad brings a cross-cultural view to his work as an entrepreneur, producer, and artist. His work as both producer and cinematographer on award-winning television and film features has been melded with his growing work as a transmedia producer. Having founded BoomGen Studios three years ago with best-selling author Reza Aslan, Mahyad develops multi-platform entertainment concerning the cultures and peoples of the Greater Middle East, and develops social media engagement services for major studio releases, including ‘Prince of Persia;’ ‘Rendition,’ ‘Amreeka, and others.

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