Turbocharging Brands with Crowd Sourcing

Liz Boone, Global Director for Digital and Social Engagements at General Motors, on social media engagement.

The above video interview is from Internet Week in NYC.

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As brands move from broadcasting their messages to marketing approaches with increased consumer participation, they need to uncover values that can be shared with communities in authentic conversations. Established brands are fortunate to have positive lifestyle associations upon which to build more social relationships with their customers.

Chevrolet is partnering with another iconic American brand, Major League Baseball (MLB), in a program that can best be described — pun intended — as grassroots.

Liz Boone, Global Director for Digital and Social Engagements at General Motors, describes Diamonds and Dreams. The program seeks pitches via Facebook from communities to have Chevrolet and MLB, with whom it has a long-time relationship, rebuild decayed baseball diamonds. Successful communities are promoted on Chevolet’s Facebook Page, as well as on TV commercials, amplifying the voices of consumers as a means to enhance brand associations.

Inside the Vault is another initiative using crowd sourcing. Teaming with content creators, bloggers and others, GM has developed video magazines around programs in which its brands are involved, such as the MTV video awards and racing. With the intention of creating destinations for consumer outreach, the video magazines are then pushed out across blogs, microsites, Twitter and Facebook.