5 Challenges to Accelerating Marketing to Real Time

Shiv Singh of Pepsi discusses the power and challenges of real time marketing.

The above video interview is from Internet Week in NYC.

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Brand promotion. In the moment and within the context of real life activities.

Shiv Singh, head of digital for Pepsico beverages, sees great potential for consumer engagement when marketing goes from strategy to execution, to deliver valuable and resonant content, in a matter of moments.

He cites five challenges ahead for real time marketing.

1. The marketing ecosystem limits celebrities and intellectual asset owners from full participation. For example, if a “fan” shoots a photo of Lady Gaga with a beverage can, she’s likely to want to be compensated for allowing her image to be used should that fan push out a real time brand promotion. Singh sees this constraint easing as celebrities recognize the value of participating in those conversations.

2. Organizations are planning now for quite a while out, say 2012 and 2013. Changes need to be made so that they are instead addressing just a few minutes from now.

3. As powerful as listening online and social tools may be today, they are capturing just a fraction of all the conversations. More is needed.

4. Television distribution has a long way to go before it’s in real time.

5. Stronger, tighter ties are needed between brands and content creators to produce branded content. Singh makes it clear he is not speak of trying to displace existing media companies — as they have strengths and capabilities that branded content may complement.

When asked about content discovery, Singh felt this was not a problem for his large brand. Smaller brands? Well, content discovery is likely to be number six on this list for you.

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