When Consumers Choose, Does Everyone Win?

Brian Shin of Visible Measures spoke to us about the boom in online video content and what that means for brands and advertisers.

The above video interview is from Internet Week in NYC.

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With a DVR in almost every household and the explosion of online viewing options, when it comes to video content, viewers now have more control over their ad consumption. Brian Shin of Visible Measures spoke to us at the OMMA video conference about his panel that explored the topic, “When consumers choose, does everyone win?”

In the above video, Shin explains the continuum of choice: no choice, limited choice, open choice and preferred choice. Companies are striving to be on the side of preferred choice because one of the most effective ways to build brand loyalty is to provide consumers with the option to pick the ad they watch during a commercial break. Hulu is an example of a video service that uses this method of ad delivery, with ad selector.

This finding is pushing brands to step up and and produce innovative ads that people would want to choose to watch. A popular method is by creating branded content that engages the consumer with a relatable story or showing them how to do something. Some examples include Toyota’s “Charged Life: LA Guerrilla Gardening” video and the “Kraft Cooking School” channel on YouTube.

Brian Shin also touched on some trends in the online video space, challenges brands face, and more.