Interactive Ads With XBox Live

Microsoft’s Carolyn Fuson talks about interactive advertising on gaming consoles and branded content.

The above video interview is from the Advertising Research Foundation Audience Measurement conference.

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We recently spoke to Carolyn Fuson, Sr. Audience and Analysis Manager for Microsoft’s XBox Live, at the ARF Audience Measurement conference. She made the point that when people think of XBox Live users, they think of a 18-34 male audience. What her team has found is that while 37% of XBox Live users fit this stereotype, more than half of Live users are families that have children under the age of 18.

XBox Live is a really interesting platform for advertisers. For those who are not familiar, the XBox Live Dashboard is a menu with a series of categories, and within the categories, there are scrollable 300×250 panels. Some panels are image ads while others are streamable videos or demos for future XBox games. As Fuson points out in the video, most people will have their controllers in hand instead of a cell phone or anything else that distracts their attention. When consumers dive into a portal on the XBox Live Dashboard, they are choosing to view or interact with the advertisement–and from previous articles on this site, we know that when a consumer chooses to view an advertisement or branded content, engagement and brand loyalty simply sky rockets.

Fuson also gives us some insight on the future of XBox Live, such as bringing Live to Windows Mobile, where live users can collect gamer points on the go. Just under 50% of Xbox Live users own a Kinect (present company included), an add-on to the XBox. Microsoft is encouraging brands to make interactive ads that take advantage of the Kinect’s voice control and motion detection abilities.

Some other developments involve using combined search engine data between MSN, XBox Live, and the Windows Mobile browser and using it for future measurements.