Get to know Pew’s Internet & American Life Project

Lee Rainie, the Director of Pew’s American Life Project, talks about internet, social media, mobile, and journalism.

The above video interview is from the Advertising Research Foundation Audience Measurement conference.

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We interviewed Lee Rainie, the Director of Pew’s Internet & American Life Project, at the ARF audience measurement conference. Lee talked about Social Media’s role in real life interactions and how that impacts advertising. Lee talked about the 3 revolutions that are disrupting the way people communicate and view content– the Internet Revolution, the Mobile Revolution, and the Social Network Revolution. According to Lee all of these things are still evolving and constantly changing–especially with the explosion of mobile devices and ‘always on’ technology. Mobile technology, including mobile internet, will become more robust. According to recent Pew research, Lee found that the people who are most active on mobile internet are still of a very narrow population– rich, educated, adult males.

The second half of our interview focused on the changing nature of how people consume news. Pew ran a research project that asked questions like, ‘how have people changed their news diet?’ In this research, they found that regardless of where a person found a piece of news, they are supplementing their news diet with online research to do a deeper dive on topics they are really interested in.

Some other interesting topics Lee Rainie covered include:
– The fact that the average age of Facebook users is increasing and what that has to do with marketing on Facebook
– How marketers take advantage of mobile video
– The role Twitter plays in fact checking for journalists
– The rise of citizen journalists
– The sustainability of the business models associated with hyperlocal news
– People curating their own internet news