Globalization of Brands from a Social Media Perspective

UM has been monitoring the globalization of brands form a social media perspective, and Graeme Hutton spoke to us about it.

The above video interview is from the Advertising Research Foundation Audience Measurement conference.

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Graeme Hutton of Universal McCann gave us a rundown of all the data they have been collecting on social media and the influence it has on advertising and marketing.

UM has been monitoring the globalization of brands from a social media perspective. They have a global tracker of over 35,000 people from over 50 countries on watch. Hutton made the point that social media is not only about social networks but also includes blogs, photo sharing sites, and video sharing sites.

They found that as social media grew, people’s visits to company websites actually decreased. Consumer interaction with social network fan pages increased dramatically. More and more people are sharing branded content online. Hutton pointed out a big difference between sharing branded content online verses the word of mouth is that when people mention a brand through the word of mouth, people are very casual about it, and it’s often brought up to keep a conversation going. Sharing through social media, on the other hand, tends to have more of a purpose because it’s more of a representation of a person’s online personality. It makes sense because if you share something online it’s archived, and in some way, it’s more permanent than a mention in real life.

Some other points Hutton made include:
-The effectiveness of integrating two mediums into the same campaign. (ex. twitter and television for Superbowl)
-Consumers making and sharing their own content
-Virality of popular branded content
-Frequency caps for ads
and more data associated with social media