Smart TV – Producing for Pixels

The battle for high-resolution HD displays, including 3D, is well underway, the next front on the war for viewership lies in Smart TV.

Now that the battle for high-resolution HD displays, including 3D, is well underway, the next front on the war for viewership lies in Smart TV. Once viewed as a gimmick for high-end large-scale displays, Smart TV is now a canvas for producers to deliver shows and apps to a new generation of Internet-enabled displays.

Rachelle Zoffer, Verizon

Displaysearch predicts that 50% of all television sets above 50 inches will be some form of Smart TV by 2014. And the landscape is not just confined to traditional TV manufacturers, but includes the likes of Apple and Google, among others.

With smartphones and tablets providing greater opportunities for producers, apps produced on one device will be ported to a new generation of Smart TVs, and vice versa, transforming how producers conceive of television for an audience that still wants big-screen experiences, even if the television needs to behave like multiple screens, simultaneously.

Vamsi Sistla, Telvetto

Timo Korpela

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Timo Korpela,

Vamsi Sistla, co-founder, Telvetto

Vamsi Sistla is the founder of Telvetto, a stealth start-up that is building the next Smart TV curation experience. He was formerly director of the mobile/social media platform product group at Rovi and previously held mobile content management roles at Macrovision and TVGuide. He has been a pioneer in the interactive TV space, having developed new platforms for Ignite, creating AOLTV experiences for ‘Price is Right;’ ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ and ‘Jeopardy,’ while at Mixed Signals, and building the first real-time social TV experience for ‘Survivor,’ while with Steeplechase Media and He has worked as a software engineer for Structural Research Dynamics Corporation and the Ford Motor Company.

Rachelle Zoffer, Director, Content Strategy & Acquisition, Interactive TV at Verizon

Chris Pfaff, President, Chris Pfaff Tech/Media LLC; vice chairman, PGA New Media Council

A board delegate of the PGA New Media Council since 2006, and a PGA NMC member since 2004, Chris Pfaff leads a consultancy – Chris Pfaff Tech/Media LLC – that represents some of the leading service providers, audio/video technology firms, networking vendors, and media companies in the world, from PRIMEDIA and Eastman Kodak to Cantor Telecom. A veteran of the venture world, Chris helped launch more than 20 ventures from the Lucent New Ventures Group, including iBiquity Digital; Flarion; Lucent Digital Video, and GeoVideo Networks, among others. In addition, he has helped launch AT&T’s Internet strategy; the Viacom New Media division of Viacom, Inc.; Sony Electronics’ Digital Betacam format, and Sharp Electronics’ LCD product division.

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